Is weight loss your goal?
Is losing weight means everything to you?
Did you tried everything but didn’t get satisfiable results?
Are you tired of being obese?

Well, do not worry because today I have Top 7 ways to lose weight which are tried and tested backed up by science. This article is exactly what you need to read right now. The ways given below are tried and tested and they worked pretty well so far so let us jump directly on the solutions for weight loss.

1) Smaller meals –

Different meal plays different roles in our life. So when having the meal we obviously want to eat less but we can’t and that’s the fact. We can’t just do it. So here are a few tips to decrease your meal size and lose weight.

  • Use smaller plates for a meal – It will automatically make you realize how much you eat and helps to keep you in line.
  • Drink a glass of water before a meal – This will make you less hungry hence less food.
  • Make food spicy
  • Brush/floss teeth – This will eliminate your urge to grab a snack after a meal as many people don’t like to eat anything after brushing teeth and food tastes bad.

2) Have coffee first thing in the morning –

It is scientifically proved that caffeine increases metabolism and helps to cut the fat from our body. So if you want, replace morning tea or any other beverage with coffee and start your weight loss from the start of the day. Just keep in mind that an upper daily limit of 350-450mg of caffeine each day is recommended for an average adult.

3) Drink a lot of water –

Drinking water a lot have more benefits like you will feel less hungry all the time and bonus that it also helps to keep your skin clear. More you drink water, less urge for food you feel. If possible have a lukewarm water rather than cold water, it is more beneficial for weight loss.

4) Walk to lose belly and thigh fat-

Walking may don’t sound like a great solution but it is actually. After a meal, walk at least 300 meters, it will help you digest the food and if you walk after dinner then it directly affects our sleep (You will have a great sleep, trust me on that).

5) Keep your calorie count –

Whenever you eat something, just keep note of how many calories you just consumed. It will help you to keep track of your consumption. You can use various applications on your phone that could help to keep track of calories. This will play major role in your weight loss.

6) Cut down Sweet food and Junk food –

Sweet food and junk food are one of the main reasons for your weight so cutting them off the daily schedule will help you in a significant way. The junk food calorie count is off the charts if you carefully look at it as a medium fries from Mcdonald’s contains 380 Calories and Big Mac contains 560 Calories approximately. So choose very carefully.

7) Workout –

Even though you can lose weight without workout but I personally recommend to workout thrice in a week and do weight lifting if possible. It will not only help to burn fat but also shape the muscles. Working out doesn’t mean by going to the gym or health club but you can literally buy few dumbbells and bars and start working out. If you are working out at home then use some guidance from youtube or Android apps for its proper usage.

And finally

8) Don’t lose hope –

I know, saying this is simple than implementing but losing weight is a slow and steady process. You need to have the patience for the results. The time to see results can vary from 30 days to 120-150 days. So don’t lose hope and hold on to your goal and soon you will see results and will be glad that you didn’t gave up.

Good Luck..!!



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