Conqueror Guide

Pubg is the most trending game of 2018 with more than 400 million players across the globe on all platforms. There are few tiers in Pubg like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Ace, and Conqueror. All the tiers are based on the rating except Conqueror. There are only Top 500 players in each server and person perspective (first person or third person). This is a simple guide, tips, and tricks to be Conqueror in Pubg mobile.

There are two main ways of becoming a Conqueror –

1) Be a Survivor

Being a survivor means basically minimal engaging in combat and surviving till you are in top 5 or top 10 players alive. This may give you fewer points even if you don’t get Chicken Dinner but still something positive is better than negative or nothing aye. There are some cons to this though, there are high chances that your game will not improve. That means basically your aiming techniques, sniping skills etc will not be improved as you play most the game hiding and running.

2) Be a Killer

Being a killer is simple. Engage in all possible firefights and eliminate all your competition without waiting for some else to do it. Higher the kills, more points you get if you are in top 10. There are some cons to this though, there are high chances that you get killed before you get in top 10. But your game/skills will improve significantly and sooner or later it will show the result.

Things to Remember Always –

1) Choosing Game Mode –

There are three game modes in Pubg- solo, duo, and squad. If you are aiming for Conqueror, choose solo or duo. The reason for it is simple – you won’t get good squad all the time and the required points for the conqueror increases so keeping it up all the time is more difficult.

2) Choosing Perspective –

The perspectives in Pubg mobile are First Person Perspective(FPP) and Third Person Perspective(TPP). You can choose any perspective depending on your choice. Here you should remember that lesser the players, higher is your chance of getting Conqueror tier. Most people play TPP than FPP so your chances of getting Conqueror is higher in FPP.

3) Finding suitable gun –

There are lots of guns in the pubg mobile game but you need to choose one/two gun(s) with which you are comfortable i.e. you can control its recoil, can get its attachments often, and you can aim with it properly. Once you get those guns, practice and get Chicken Dinner.

4) Learn the map –

When I say learn the map that doesn’t literally means learn but to read the map. It means you should be able to predict the next safe zone based on the current safe zone and plan your game accordingly. This will help you to avoid unnecessarily running hundreds of meters or driving the vehicles and get an attraction. Learn the places where people are less and loot is more. Normally these are nameless places yet having some structures with loot.

5) Know when to fire –

If you spot a player running across the field then probably you will fire but there are a few things you should see. If you have scope and suppressor then go for it but if you don’t have either then think. Firing will put you on the radar and other players will spot you on the map and it literally gives your location.

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