Windows 10 got launched on July 29,2015. Since then millions of people loved the new features of Windows 10. But since July 2018 update, lots of people have faced issues regarding it. Every update has some minor bugs here and there but looks like Windows 10 was full of bugs. Probably not tested well or taken care of, still causing lots a stir in the market. If you are having some Windows 10 update issue, don’t worry we got your back.

So here are top 10 Windows 10 Update issues most of the people are facing (We also got solutions for them too).

1) Disappearing Taskbar Icons-

Since the update, lot of people faced an issue of icons getting disappear from the taskbar like battery icon, wifi icon and what not. So what you can do Right Click on Taskbar > Select taskbar Properties > Select which icon to appear on the taskbar > Enable icon_name(which has disappeared). Then reboot the system, your problem will be solved and the icon will appear again.

2) Storage space in Drives-

We often install software and programs in our system and one day find out that we can’t install any software because of low memory space in windows C Drive. As the default installation location of any software is C Drive, change that first. Secondly, go to the properties of Drive > Compress this drive to save Disk Space > apply > ok

This process can take a few minutes depending on your Disk Space but surely can give you a good amount of free space.

3) Slow booting/startup of Windows-

It’s really annoying when Windows 10 takes ages to boot up. This happens because by default many applications start at boot up. So you just have to disable the unnecessary applications. For that go to Control Panel > Startup > Disable Unnecessary Applications. It’s that simple.

4) Auto Updates

Auto Updates can really get on the nerve when you start up the Windows 10 and you see “Do Not Turn Off Computer(and you stuck with it for millennials)”. So here are few steps to avoid that- go to Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.

Select Disabled in Configured Automatic Updates on the left, and click Apply and OK to disable the Windows automatic update feature.

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5) Unnecessary notifications

When unnecessary notifications pop up while working, it can be disturbing sometime and Windows 10 has no fewer notifications. So for temporary if you want you can Turn On Focus Assists mode. For that Right click on Notification icon > Select focus assists > Priority Only. This will help you to focus on your work seamlessly.

6) System Restore

To enable System Restore Point is the most important thing you should do right now because sometimes the updates of Windows 10 are not that stable or compatible or worst if any software deletes the sys32 file (happens often), then this feature will help you out. For enabling this feature go to  Start > Control Panel > Create a Restore Point > System Properties > Configure > Turn on system protection. Do allocate a memory space for that (recommended around 6-7 GB).

7) Wifi auto disconnect

Wifi auto disconnect has been the most occurred problem after Windows 10 update. The reason for that could be incompatibility of respective drivers so try updating those drivers or if updating doesn’t work for you then roll back driver might save your day. For updating or roll back go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Network Adapters > Dual Band Wireless option. Try both, updating Driver or Roll Back Driver.

8) Screen flickering issue

Screen flickering issue is not common but does occur in a few systems right after installations of updates. The only solution I found effective is to update all the Display drivers asap. The updates of display drivers can be found on the Official website too. Just try looking around if the system show message like “Already updated” or similar to that.

9) Battery Drain

The Battery backup seems to be affected by the latest updates and the Screen ON time has reduced in significant amount in some cases. Try Power saving plans or if not available, create a new one.

For switching to Power Saving plan -> Right Click on Battery icon > Power Options > Power Saving Plan.

10) Bugged/ Glitchy Softwares

The Softwares which we use like VLC media player or games, there might be an issue when installation stucks on 99% or doesn’t even start. So for that Right Click on .exe file > Properties > Compatibility > Run this program in compatibility mode for > Windows 7.

If you guys still have any other issues, comment down and we’ll get back to you with a solution. We also have a youtube video for all these issues so do watch if any of the above solutions doesn’t work or anything.

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