Online Profile: 21st Century’s Digital Book. Whoever said that perfectly described the current things. Today Online Profile plays an important role in every person’s life, that Online Profile could be anything like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. Basically, every person has them, some have 2-3 and some have all. Everybody wants to be famous and they will do anything (like literally) to get fame. Good or Bad doesn’t matter, if that’s what makes you famous. So what exactly do Online Profiles have with being famous..??

I will share some tips & tricks that can help you build a GREAT Online Profile to stand out from others.

1) The Profile Pictures-

Profile pictures are the direct way of telling people how Handsome/Beautiful you look and that too if you don’t use filters and all stuff. My personal recommendation is that “Don’t use filters or heavy make-up pictures (in bold font :->)”. It is always best when you use natural pictures with absolute natural beauty. The people who keep natural profile pictures tend to be 4x times more attractive and happy than filtered ones. In short “In the world full of makeups and filters, be natural and rule them all“.

2) Keep your Bio short & sweet-

When people write bio’s, some can be very creative and other looks like fools. Bios are the short descriptions of “Who you are?” or “What you do?” or anything like that. When writing your bio make sure your language is grammatically correct or you will be the next meme material (highly possible). Nobody wants to read long paragraphs or essays so keep them short. Here are some best bios you can take inspiration from.

3) The Uploads-

Everyone likes to upload pictures, videos, snaps, slow-mo’sĀ and all but there are certain things to keep in mind while uploading all stuff. Uploading only your single pictures/selfies more than other pictures will make you look like a self-obsessed and that really is turn-offs for many people. Upload pictures with family, friends, pets (if you have one).

Tip for Guys: Never ever post your gym pictures very often, you may post once in a while.

Tip for Girls: Appreciate your Natural Beauty, don’t use too many filters.


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