In today’s world, with the population of 7.5 billion inhabitants, 1.5 billion speaks English– that is roughly around 20%. From which only 360 million people speak English as their first language. Still, all over the world, the measure of Intelligence or Abilities or Talent are based on your proficiency in the English language. There is an old saying “Knowledge has no language”, but not anymore. So now I have told you how important is English proficiency, let’s head directly to the ways to improve your language skills-

1) Conversations-

The Best way to improve your command over the language is to use it daily and most importantly with the people who are good at it. So when you will have conversations with people, in the start you will stammer or even not remember the right words but that’s absolutely ok. No need to panic or feel embarrassed by this because it’s human nature to make mistakes and learn from them.

2) Watch English Movies-

When I say “Watch English Movies” then don’t just pounced on Movie stocks and spend all time watching them. Understand the logic behind this and then go for it. When you watch movies, you can learn new words, phrases, and even sentences that are essential in day to day life. If you are new to English movies then perhaps watching them with subtitles will help you a lot. Then after you get comfortable with few, try without subtitles. I am sure you will feel the difference in your English skills.

3) Learning Words & Sentences-

Watching movies & having conversations in English will build your English language proficiency but that’s not enough. You need a good vocabulary means the collection of words in simple language. When having conversation regular words like Condition could be used often but if you use the word Circumstance which is the synonym (the word with similar meaning) then the impact of your opinion/saying is surely greater. Although you can always use simple words all the time.

4) Reading-

I know what exactly you are thinking- Who reads books in the world of Audiobooks, why read when you listen. I am Absolutely agreed with this thought but do you know that Reading is 3 times more efficient than listening and there is a lot more fun in reading than listening. When you read, the sentence building/forming in the most idealistic way is the thing you can learn from it. This will really be beneficial when you have to be as impactful in writing anything like Blogs, Articles, or even your Resume.

5) Writing-

So after all these practices and tips for improving your English Proficiency, nothing is better than Writing to see all your efforts in action. Sometimes conversations in English feels more easy and comfortable than writing because in Writing you have to keep a tab on your grammar and also sentence structure. You can’t be too bold as it reflects your personality. You have to be competitive yet subtle and here you can see your writing skills perfectly in action.

These were the best 4 ways I personally find effective for improving your command of the English language. Good Luck..!!


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