How to get the extra phone storage you need for free..!!

Having trouble finding space for the new game or file you really want but no space. Don`t worry we are here to the rescue. Do the following tasks to get complete control of your phone memory

Let`s start


Tip 1: Delete old pics and duplicate pics from the phone. There are numerous apps such as files go cleaner, clean master to clean files from your phone.


Tip 2: Move images to google photos or drives. Move images, videos from phone to memory card or laptop. Move old images and backups of chats and unwanted files to external memory or laptop storage or pen drives.


Tip 3: Clear app data of system apps and apps that you cannot uninstall.



Tip 4: Delete temporary files by using apps such as flies go, clean master etc.


Tip 5: Clear out WhatsApp and social media folders of junk downloads and files.


Tip 6: Uninstall unnecessary apps and apps you don`t use. Disable them if unable to uninstall.

Tip 7: Switch to lite apps such as FB lite Skype lite etc, which consume fewer resources and storage.


Tip 8: Move apps to SD card. This will save the extra space you need for installing new apps and also make the phone faster


Tip 9: In android phones having nougat and later can use a memory card as internal storage. Use that option to install and gain extra internal storage. Note make sure that the card you use as internal storage is a very fast and good quality card.


Tip 10: If all else fails to take backup of phone and important data. Factory reset the phone.




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