Generation Zero is the work of Avalanche Studios, the team behind Just Cause Franchise & 2015’s Mad Max. Generation Zero is an open-world survival action FPS game place in 80’s Sweden. The Trailer launched shows, 4 kids, fighting off Deadly machines with small weapons and explosives.

The game starts off with the selection of character with 4 options and few of the outfits like rebel, military, hip-hop etc. The Storyline goes like you and 3 of your other friends spend a few days out in archipelago, cut off from the world and when you return to the island you find it barren/uncivilized (empty houses/wrecked cars and all). Now the survival instincts kick in the game. If you have played Call of the wild in apex engine, then the environment will look familiar but ridiculously real. You have to loot places like houses, cars, gas stations and all to find stuff you need to fight off enemies and to survive. The world era is late 80’s or 90’s and the music that they put in the game, it fits so well.

The overall gameplay and storyline are quite good and exciting if you like open-world with strategies genre of games. The Enemies you encounter are of following types –

After playing for few minutes and encountering enemies so far (mostly Runners). I can definitely say that the AI used in Enemies is not Stupid like for real. If they spot even a hint of you, they will look around for you. They have those lasers and all stuff to scan (like Skynet). The background music while in combat mode is extraordinary, it just makes your heart pump with excitement.

Here are few of the Screenshots of Gameplay, we’ll soon upload Youtube video of gameplay too.Enjoy..!!

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