How To Crack GRE in 30 Days..!!

This articles will help you in the exact way you want to prepare for GRE in 30 days with all the planning, tips, strategies and much more...


GRE General Test is given by thousands of students every year from all over the world in hope of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Renowned Educational Institutes. GRE score plays a major role to get admission in top Educational Institutes like Harvard, Yale, Ivy League and so on.


– There are 3 Sections in GRE you need to understand and study well:

1) Verbal Reasoning –

  • The Verbal Score ranges from 130-170 in 1-point increment.
  • Measures the ability to analyze and draw conclusions from discourse and reason from incomplete data, understand multiple levels of meaning, such as literal, figurative and author’s intent, and summarize text and distinguish major from minor points, understand the meanings of words, sentences and entire texts, and understand relationships among words and among concepts.

2) Quantitative Reasoning –

  • The Quantitative Section ranges from 130-170 in 1-point increment.
  • Measures the ability to understand, interpret and analyze quantitative information, solve problems using mathematical models, and apply the basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis.

3) Analytical Reasoning – 

  • The Analytical section ranges from 1-6 points per essay, with being the highest.
  • Measures critical thinking and analytical writing skills, including the ability to articulate and support complex ideas with relevant reasons and examples, and examine claims and accompanying evidence. There is an emphasis on analytical writing skills.

GRE FEES – The fees of GRE Examination is the US $205. This amount can vary if paid in a different currency (depends on currency conversion).

So now the question is how can you prepare for GRE in 30 Days..??
Here are some of the Tips that will help you achieve this GOAL is 30 Days..!!!

1) Planning – 

So ideally a person should start preparing for Test 6 months prior but as we are tight on time, we’ll get all that done in 30 Days.

Firstly take a sample GRE test on any online test Portal before starting the study.

This will give you an exact idea of What you are up against? Which sections needs your Attention most?

When you have 30 Days in your hand, planning is a must thing. So here are few things i personally recommend you to do –

  • Study Every Section in GRE at least 2 hrs each daily(remember you don’t have much time).
  • Take GRE sample test every 3rd day after preparation, so after 30 Days you would have completed around 10 complete tests which will play a vital role in your GRE score.
  • Always try to beat your previous sample GRE test score and learn from mistakes.
  • Don’t take GRE lightly (This is on Serious Note..!!!).

2) Time Management – 

GRE test is not just about your Reasoning\Logical or any other skill but it’s also a test of your Stamina & Patience. Many students lose their Concentration in about 2 hours but remember that GRE test is 4 Hours Long, so you better buckle up.

So how can you prepare for 4 Hours long test..??

I have got some tips-

  • Solve any many tests as you can and that too with their rules.
  • If you lose concentration after a time, try Workout/Yoga in the morning as it will help you be fresh all day long(or during the test).
  • Keep track of your diet (believe me, it does work).
  • Take a break of a minute or two and relax a bit.

3) Stay Motivated – 

This is the thing that acts a fuel in your journey to success so always stay motivated. So how do you do that..??

Don’t worry, I got some tips for that too –

  • Write down your goals on sticky notes and put them on your cupboard or any place where you frequently visit, those might be your Study Wall, laptop screen or whatever it may be.
  • Always start your day with Motivational Quotes and Songs (I don’t know why exactly but for most of the people, Motivational Songs does a great job so try that first).
  • Keep Motivated and Energetic people’s company throughout the day, that sure to give you some vibes and all to work aye.

4) Have clear Date of Test in Mind – 

This is gonna be the easiest thing and it will keep reminding you about your test and its preparation.

These are all things to keep in mind when you prepare for GRE General Test and want to score well.

Bonus Tip: Don’t ever doubt yourself and don’t forget to take a break from studies and hang out with friends or family because, at the end of the day, that’s gonna give you the reason to be Successful in your life.

Good Luck..!!   



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