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RELEASE DATE: 01/11/2004

Counter-Strike (CS) is a series of Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game, in which teams of TERRORISTS battle to perpetrate an act of terror (bombing, hostage-taking) and COUNTER-TERRORISTS try to prevent it (bomb defuse scenario, hostage rescue).

Tip 1: Get comfortable
Maintain the monitor display at a comfortable distance, the keyboard, and the mouse have to be well placed so that you can reach them with ease. The time required to do any movement in Counter-strike is critical. The extra time you spend the more likely you may die. Get used to the controls. Practice more and more to find the right mouse sensitivity for you.


Tip 2: Tweak settings
The use of low sensitivity gives finer control but slow camera movement. Adjust to the balance between both. Switch on weapon fast switch. Turn off V-sync, mouse smoothing, and mouse acceleration. Use the smallest mouse pointer to make it easier to get headshots.

Tip 3: Learn the maps.
This is critical so that you realize wherein you’re going, expect where the enemy will move, and to know strategic spots. There are many spots on the map which serve as ideal spots for ambushes. In case you are new to a map, then begin playing with bots and explore it research every nook and corner to provide you the more information.

Tip 4: Know what guns to buy.
On servers where you start the default money is $800, it’s recommended that you purchase a Desert Eagle, aka “Nighthawk” as its the strongest handgun there may be in the game, and a few carefully aimed shots will defeat your enemy. As soon as you have got sufficient cash to buy different equipment, you may have a wide kind of weapons to pick from. Attempt buying an AK47 if you are a terrorist, or a Colt M4A1 if you are a counter-terrorist. Those guns are pretty precise and stable to use and with sufficient practice, you can inflict maximum damage.

Colt M4A1




Tip 5: Realize your own playstyle.
You should play with the mouse sensitivity which you are used to. Know how a far away the crosshair moves when you move the mouse a certain distance can decide if your shot is a headshot or a miss. That way when you see an enemy, you will understand how a long way to move your mouse to put the crosshair on the enemy. Always try for the chest and head, particularly if the enemy is a long way away. Relying on a range, certain weapons just like the ak47 and desert eagle are on the spot headshots inspite of a helmet. Without a helmet, most guns can be a one-hit kill headshot. However, for a close quarter fight, spraying and praying (holding down the mouse key and randomly firing in the general route of the enemy) can do the trick, however, it is frankly speaking based on luck and thus not recommended as it gives away your location.

Tip 6: The AWP.(MAGNUM)
This sniper rifle is so special that it gets its personal tip. The AWP is indeed the most effective killing weapon in the game for shooting the enemy anywhere effects in an immediate kill. The AWP can be tough to learn how to use at the start since it makes you move a lot slower, its heavy and also you need to reload it after each shot and is slow and makes you an easy target. Practice zooming in, taking shots. Also, use the QQ method, in that you press the q button twice quickly, which essentially switches the AWP to the 2d weapon, and returned to the AWP once more, faster than proper clicking out of the zoom and zooming in again. This is a vital skill if you need to come to be a terrific Sniper. Sniping is likewise more about fast reflexes and muscle memory. These items you can’t really learn without practice so just practice a lot.

Tip 7: Use of Grenades (Flashbang/smoke/he-grenade)

For flash, bounce flashes closer to the ground for a quick throw and quick peek around a corner, throw it right close to the corner… That gives them less time to get away (like if you had bounced it off the inside wall, they get sufficient time to run away) Be careful as you may accidentally flash your teammates which can get them killed and you kicked from the server.


For smoke grenades:
On occasion throw a smoke, and turn away… They will think it’s a flash and turn around. While you’re saving, frequently buy smokes to stop the sniper. And use it for strategic retreats and ambushes.

For HE- Grenades
Use when you’re certain an enemy is hiding. It is able to correctly weaken the player making them very easy to kill. Additionally
When you get flashed a couple of times, it’s an apparent rush, straight away pull out your grenade and counter the flash… Typically, it’s going to land right inside the center of them.
A skilled user can throw a grenade around a corner without even peeking it. After the grenade hits, pull your gun out without delay and begin taking shots… They will be running away from your grenade and you have an open shot.

Tip 8: Predict the opponent.
If an enemy is getting a number of kills in the other group, he’s possibly working the same angle again and again and you may easily be able to make a  plan to kill the enemy player, perhaps the use of a flash or smoke grenade that you may now use efficiently.
SWITCH UP your style frequently. If you’re playing someone who’s an expert, they’ll figure out what angles you like quite fast. It is fine to switch between many distinctive types of styles and hiding places to keep away from becoming predictable and ambushing your opponent.

Tip 9: Understand Your Gun
Take into account the gun you use and beware of your spray, with AK you want a 2-shot burst, with the mp5 you simply want to aim at their head 1 shot at a time at a distance, if it is close simply spray at Headshot angle. While reloading and in a gunfight struggle, simply choose up another gun asap. You may no longer have time to reload earlier than being killed so it can be greater effective to simply to switch to some other gun. Switching to your handgun is always faster. And preferably do not go into combat with a half of reloaded gun in the first place.

Tip 10: Dodging
While moving at long distances towards snipers, make very small strafing motions backward and forward. There has a great purpose which: when double scoped with a gun, strafing target is clearly difficult to hit. You are slightly moving left or right, just transferring an inch or so back and forth… People forget about that after they have an AK out, and they pass backward and forward several inches, making them an easy target.
Try and study the map, use each piece as an obstruction for your safety, now and again even a thin palm tree can block all the bullets you need. Plant the bomb in open regions so your teammates can cover it. Now and again throw a smoke in front of wherein you are planting, and in which you expect the enemy is probably, that way they cannot see you. Do not crouch near corners, your legs stick out.
Keep a few flash/grenades to hold off the counter-terrorists.
Analyse the timing of every rush point. If you rush A or B, realize precisely how near the opposing team may be in the event that they rushed it too, from the closest feasible spawn they might have.

That’s all folks, Happy Gaming


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