NVIDIA Graphic cards are used by more than 85% of streamers for their smooth gameplay and great graphics quality. If you are one of NVIDIA graphics card user then you probably already knew this. But what if I tell you that you can boost your system’s performance to its peak with just a few simple steps? If you don’t believe it then go through this article and apply all that I show you and experience gaming on the next level and get the FPS you want.

The steps I am showing you are the ones my team has aggregated from various trial and error method. Thus making a set of settings with the highest performance as a result.


Step 1: Click on NVIDIA Graphics and get in the Control Panel of NVIDIA Graphics.

Step 2: 

Click on “Adjust Image Settings from Preview” which will be present under “3D                  Settings” 

in the left sidebar.


Step 3: Apply the changes as follows-                                                                                          Use My preference emphasizing – Drag to leftmost for maximum performance

NVIDIA Graphics settings


Step 4: Then select “Manage 3D settings” option just below the “Adjust Image Settings                  from Preview” on the left sidebar. Apply all the changes highlighted in the images                below –

NVIDIA Graphics settings

NVIDIA Graphics settings NVIDIA Graphics settings NVIDIA Graphics settings


Step 5: Now get into the “display” from the list in the left sidebar.


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Step 6: Now select “Change Resolution” for getting real impactful areas for graphics settings. Firstly select the display (the number of screens) and select the maximum resolution available in the next option (In my case it’s 1920 * 1080), your system numbers could be different so make sure it’s maximum. Many people keep “Refresh Rate = 120” but my recommendation is that you keep the maximum (in my case here it’s 240 Hz).

NVIDIA Graphics settings


Step 7: Skip the rest options and directly jump on “Adjust Video Color Settings” > “With NVIDIA Settings” > “Advanced” and select a dynamic range = 0 to 255

NVIDIA Graphics settings


Step 8: Now launch the games and feel the enhancement in your gaming Experience.

Share if you like it and do comment how do these settings lend you the hand for your immersive gaming experience.

Happy Gaming..


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