5 Hacks to Make Good First Impression in any situation…!!!


It is said that First Impression is the Last Impression, so how can you impress someone in the first meet..??

If you want to make a great impression on someone in your first meet then this article is the exact thing you need to read. The first impression on someone could be anything like your Job Interview, Your Tinder Date or maybe First meet with your future in-laws.

So it is very important that you make a great first impression. I’ll break the ice in a pointwise manner, do read till the end (Great for you).

1) Choose your Attire very Carefully

 When you meet someone the very first thing which impresses the person is the Attire, that is the clothes you are wearing. Your attire may vary from Very Formal to Very Casual respective to the occasion like if you are going for a job interview make sure you are properly wearing Formal Clothes and for the party or a Date informal or semi-formal would just do the trick.

Here is the image of transition of Very Formal Attire to Very Informal Attire –

2) Maintain Eye Contact

When you are having a conversation with someone, you must maintain an Eye Contact. Maintaining an Eye Contact have a big share in the first impression. When you maintain eye contact, it directly shows your confidence and your strong personality.

3) Always Smile

While having the conversation, smile often (Don’t apply in serious conversation..!!) as it makes you look happier and jolly person. People always love the man/woman who smiles often and looks happy because they make the atmosphere light and fresh.

4) Right Posture

Right Posture plays a great role in the conversation by giving the right signs that you are interested in conversation and really are listening to person. If you lean backward then it indirectly shows disrespect and your ignorance which is definitely not recommended.

5) Do your research about the person your meeting

Always gather information about the other person before the meeting. If it’s for a company interview research the company. So that you can carefully answer and converse with the person. Know what offends the other person and refrain from the topic. Know what the other person likes and use that as a conversation starter.


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