TOEFL test is the most widely renowned English-language test in the world. It is recognized by more than 10,000 colleges, universities & organizations in more than 130 countries. TOEFL can help you to get admission in any abroad university easily (you just need to score well though). More than 35 million people take the TOEFL test to prove to demonstrate their English Language excellence. TOEFL basically evaluates your Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening skills to perform academic tasks. Here we will guide you on how to hack TOEFL Exam and by that, we mean the tip and tricks which are known to less number of people and if you know those hacks before giving your test then you will end up scoring more marks than everyone else.

Overview of TOEFL

The TOEFL test is conducted by using a computer that is called TOEFL iBT test or Pen-Paper based test, is an important part playing the vital role in your journey to higher education. TOEFL score are responsible TOEFL iBT has 4 basic sections you need to take care of –

1) Reading
2) Writing
3) Listening
4) Speaking

So we’ll see each section separately and I’ll tell you some tricks to score more marks.

1) Reading:

In the reading section, there will be around 3-5 passages, each having 12-14 questions based on the respective paragraph. The subject of the paragraph can vary from school science lecture to advance a nuclear theory.
You should not concern about the topic of the paragraph but the length of it. It’s around 700 words and some of it may be dry or something. You can take maximum 7-8 mins to read it all as you need to answer 12-14 questions based on it.

1) Don’t read the complete paragraph-

This is the simple one. You just read the first two lines and last two lines of Paragraph and get the idea of it. Then head directly to the questions. You are likely to save your precious 3-4 minutes if you do this trick and surely it will help you out in so nick of time.

2) Focus on questions asked directly-
There are always questions like “What does the author mean by the word Ferocious in line 8”, so you only need to read one or two lines and not complete the paragraph so it’s faster to answer this types of questions.

3) Be very careful while choosing Words-
Synonyms questions are the best and easiest way to score marks in paragraphs. Questions often asked as “Choose the appropriate word for Bandits” or something like that. Here two or sometimes three words are present so carefully given so as to confuse you, be cautious.

2) Writing:

By writing this table down, you will have a template on how to take down points. This will be of great help when typing the essay. This section will have 4 paragraphs. The expected word count for this essay is around 250 words, but the score will get a boost if you have a high word count. I would recommend 375 – 395 words. The more words you put up, the higher the score. But there is a limitation to it. You need relevant content.

3) Listening

This section far most the simplest one as you just have to listen, not pulling your leg but that’s it. You just have to listen to the conversation and answer the questions. The accent in the conversation is American so all you need is to watch a bunch of good American movies and geez you are ready to blow this section (In a good way..!!).

If movies are not your call then perhaps your female friends would do the trick. Listen to them, they talk a lot (they really do talk a lot). You need to listen carefully and extract meaning out of it (not sarcasm..!!) and boom you are good to go.

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4) Speaking

In this section, you are supposed to speak (very clearly). The exam records your voice and sends it to the evaluator. Before beginning the section, your voice will be calibrated.

Now in this section, you have to face 6 tasks each having 6 questions each. You are expected to speak for about 45 seconds to 60 seconds. Speak clearly and slowly (do take your time but carefully). Don’t elongate your speech by adding “umm”, ”hmmm”, “eh”, or any other dragging bits. This does not do good and maybe cause to score low. Do not worry if you have finished within the given time slot (it happens), or have exceeded the time( it also happens). As long as you speak clearly, you’ll be given a good score.

Important Things to Remember

  • Accept Responsibility

Success doesn’t come by luck but its the result of own efforts. Take responsibility for your TOEFL score. Don’t leave it to chance.

  • Get Organized

Find any study area where you can keep grinding with all focus without any disturbances.

  • Set realistic goals

Be honest about your preparations. By setting unrealistic goals, you will probably get disappointed and discouraged or demotivated. So set goal that you can achieve.

  • Make a plan
  • Establish priorities
  • Manage Time
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Stay motivated
  • Choose to be positive

Use these hacks and score high.

Good Luck..!!

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